Visit Majestic Paris and Fall in Virginia
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Farm Rules


Rules on the Farm

For your safety and for the protection of the land, farm animals and crops, we ask that you read all the rules and guidelines listed below.  Please observe and follow ALL notices and signs.
  1. Absolutely NO THROWING of fruit, vegetables, rocks, sticks, etc.
  2. We love well-behaved, socialized dogs, but please make sure to keep them on leashes* and pick up after them. We reserve the right to ask any poorly behaved dog &/or owner to leave at any time. *(Please use a regular leash & leave retractable leashes at home or keep them locked in the shortest position.) Ask permission prior to bringing dogs on tours.
  3. NO organized, unreserved group picnics are allowed on the farm.  Organized visits require reservations.  We have the right to ask any persons involved in this type of gathering to hold their reunion outside of the farm area. For information on our reserved sites, feel free to call us to make a reservation at (571) 839-1143.
  4. Do Not Park on Gap Run Road. You will be asked to relocate your vehicle promptly. There is ample parking on the farm, simply enter the black entrance gates and follow the signs.
  5. We do not accept large groups or Commercial Vehicles of Any Kind.
  6. Please do not bring food from home for the farm animals. They are on a strict, nutritional diet.
  7. Absolutely no smoking is allowed on the farm!  Anyone smoking will be asked to extinguish their cigarette and  asked to leave.
  8. To make this a fun & educational experience for all, we ask that you please WATCH, MAINTAIN & CONTROL your children.
  9. Please be careful when walking in our fields.  Our crops are fragile and need to be treated with respect, the land is uneven and often muddy too.  Wear appropriate shoes and kindly wipe your shoes off prior to entering structures. If very muddy, it may be appropriate to remove your shoes.
  10. ANIMALS ARE AT LARGE on the property at all times. Under no circumstances are any persons permitted in the fields with out a farm representative.
  11. No swimming or fishing is permitted in the pond.
  12. The farm boats may not be used with out prior permission and requires the use of flotation vests.
  13. When you are in the fields on a tour, feel free to sample our crops. But please DO NOT step on the vegetable plants.
  14. This is NOT a pick-your-own farm. 
  15. We do not sell meat or dairy or wine.  Ask us for recommendations, we are happy to direct you to local farms.
  16. No hunting of any kind is permitted and this includes bow hunting. 
  17. Please do not ask if you can bring your dirt bikes to ride up and down our rolling pastures. We do not permit this activity.
  18. DO NOT open any farm gates. Do not jump over fences or gates.
  19. Please be aware and keep well away from tractors and farm machinery.  This is a working farm and Farm Equipment is not a toy.

 Farm Rules Continued:

  1. For the safety of the farm, please drive SLOWLY. Please observe this as you enter and exit the farm.
  2. Please be kind and courteous to your fellow visitors and members of our team and volunteers
  3. Please listen to the members of our staff and know that they are working very hard to make sure your time at the farm is a memorable one but also a safe experience.
  4. Be a Gentle Visitor and ask permission prior to taking pictures. No photography in any structure on the property is permitted.  Pictures are welcome and encouraged outside. Thank you for your understanding
  5. This is not a PETTING ZOO.  If you are interested in a petting zoo there are a number of them in the area, we would be happy to direct you to them.
  6. Please do not Liter.  There are large trash cans at the entrance of the farm.
  7. Bathrooms are for farm staff and patrons only. 
  8. No drugs, profanity or persons under the influence. Disruptive individuals will be asked to leave.

  9. We reserve the right to deny entrance.

  10. When the Black Iron Entrance Gates are closed, we are closed.  There is a "Closed" sign on the gates. The farm is only open for very limited periods of time (just 7hours per week and only for a few months a year).  Please plan your visit accordingly. If you just need to buy some eggs or herbs, just call the phone number on the sign and we will be happy to help you if we are available. 

  11. The farm is not open during the winter, however, we will do our best to accomodate you just give us a call.

  12. Tours are seasonal only.

  13. Kindly ask permission if in doubt.
    ** Take in the bucolic countryside and enjoy your farm visit! **

24/7Audio and Video Farm Surveillance. 

Safety and Security at The Farm

By entering any part of the farm, all visitors agree to being filmed (for any purpose and without compensation) but not the obligation to film, waive all liability whatsoever and are assuming the risk in perpetuity.

Good Karma. Pass it On.