Visit Majestic Paris and Fall in Virginia
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Seasonal Farm Tours

Experience all the farm sights, sounds and aromas.

Farm Tours include farm vegetables, herbs or home-made goodies to take home with you! 

(Limited Seasonal Availability)



Spend a day with the farmers!  This is a great opportunity to experience over 92 farm animal sanctuary residents up close and learn animal husbandry, sustainable farming practices and more!  Muck stalls, feed and groom animals, repair and maintain fencing, composting, weeding, trellis maintenance, harvesting  and planting veggies, building paddocks, carding wool, cleaning stalls and water buckets, cleaning the barns, cutting grass, training vines, digging up invasive plants, filling holes in the fields, collecting eggs and much much more! 
A day of good old fashioned  farm work is invigorating, soulful and refreshing.   Morning Farm Chores start at 5:00AM and end at approximately 9:00AM and the afternoon chores start at 1PM and end early evening. Seasonal daily farm chores.  Includes Farm Orientation and take home some farm fresh goodies.   "Farmer For A Day" is the most popular offering and requires a reservation.  Seasonal Offering.  Farm staff volunteers guides you through the chores of the day.
II) Llamas, Alpacas and Sheep Oh My!
Learn about the ancient art of spinning wool in to yarn starting with the llamas, alpacas and sheep.  Learn all about the wonderful herds at the farm that provide soft and warm fiber.  Learn how to wash and card the raw fiber and turn it in to roving.  Finally, learn how to spin!  Make environmentally friendly Nest Builders for the farm's Wildlife Habitat out of silky soft alpaca wool and take one home with you!  Includes Farm Orientation.   
III) Honey from Heaven:
Learn all about bee keeping from area experts and see the farm hives.  Sample honey and honey comb.  Learn the significant role bees play in our environment!    Includes Farm Orientation.  Not for children under the age of thirteen years old.
IV) Sage, Rosemary, Lavender and Love
Start with the signficant and historic importance of herbs in the 1800's.  Experience different farm herbs and learn about the many culinary, fragrant and medicinal uses!  Do you know which herbs are natural bug repellents?  Find the answers to this question and many more!  Sample herbs as well as learn how to dry them while maintaining the most flavor and experiment with different blends straight from the farm.   Take some home with you and enhance your favorite dishes with farm freshness!  Includes farm orientation. 
V)Farm-Made Birdhouses
Start off with a farm scavenger hunt to find everything from limbs, straw, herbs and seeds  to dried gourds to help create your birdhouse masterpiece!  You will be provided with a basket to collect your farm bounty and then let the creative energy start to flow as we create original environmentally friendly birdhouses for the farm's wildlife habitat and take one home for your own backyard oasis!  You will be amazed at the artist in you and how you can use natural materials you find on the farm to make a birdhouse. Includes Farm Orientation. 
VI) Customized Tours and Farm Experiences:
Combine any of the above tours or the following.....  Ask about "The Farm Tour of the Day" to find out what tours are available. Weather pending.  Seasonal.  Always inspirational.  Bring home the farm -all tours include taking home farm fresh veggies, herbs or other fruit of the farm!
Unraveling the Organic Labyrinth:  You will never be confused again about organic foods
The Kitchen Garden:  Everything you need to plant to make dinners explode with flavor and color
Not all Tomatoes are Created Equal:  Learn about the power of the tomato and sample varieties
Eggstra Special Eggs:  Not all eggs are created equal.  Learn the importance of buying farm fresh eggs and taste the difference
For the inspired zeitgeist answering the alluring call of the farmstead! 
For a limited time, Paris Barns is delighted to provide the following....
Soap or Candle Making...
For the little Princess or Prince of all ages embracing old world charm!  Starting with an educational farm tour and opportunity to interact with farm animal sanctuary residents including cuddly sheep, adorable and friendly goats and more!  Feed the flocks, collect eggs and more.  Wear farm handmade vintage-style aprons and learn about the ancient art of soap and candle making.  Create your own yummy soap or candle using farm grown herbs, bees wax, goat's milk and other finds from the fields!  Take home your farm grown and homemade masterpiece!  Creates inspired farm memories to last a lifetime.
The details:  Parental/adult supervision and reservations required. 
Hipster Homesteader Happening
A DIY-ers Dream! Not just for Domestic Divas! Renaissance Women and Men alike appreciate the pleasures of homesteading!  Starting with an educational farm tour and opportunity to interact with farm animal sanctuary residents including cuddly sheep, adorable and friendly goats and more! Resembling 19th-century farm life, feed the chickens, harvest veggies and herbs, learn about sustainable agriculture and find out that you too can grow your own food! Surprise local guest farm speakers! Sip farm grown herb tea and honey and take some home to enjoy.  Creates inspired farm memories to last a lifetime.
The details: Reservations required.

Tour prices start at $35 per person.
Good Karma. Pass it On.