Visit Majestic Paris and Fall in Virginia
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 Zen Farming in Paris!
We do not have regular open hours --
We are open most weekends as well as by appointment....
from June to December
so make sure to give us a call!
Don't worry the farm is just a phone call away!  
Call the Farmers!  We are happy to assist you!

 Sheep & Goat Farm Hikes $50

Come hike with the curious adorable and loveable sheep and goat herds and learn all about animal husbandry and care and enjoy the bucolic surroundings of this historic magnificent land! Fascinating sheep and goats will be your tour guides as you adventure around the farm and learn about the magical world of sheep and goats! Ask questions, meet the farmers and get your exerciese in heaven!

* Includes taking home a sample of sheep's wool fiber!

As with all the farm's tours, this is a seasonal offering, requires a reservation and we do not accept large groups.  Wear appropriate shoes, etc.


Over the winter we were very busy caring for all the animals, growing seedlings that we transferred outside in the spring, making hand-made soaps, spinning luxurious sheep, alpaca and llama fiber in to yarns and crafts as well as drying herbs we grew and mixing them in to delightful teas, seasonings, rubs and more!  

Good Karma. Pass it On.